Fare Share June 27, 2022 AGM in review

Northumberland Fare Share’s AGM was held June 27th, 2022 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Port Hope and attended by 27 members.  Fare Share is also acknowledging 35 years since incorporation.

Helen Donovan, Chair,  made special recognition of the recent passing of one of the founding members of Fare Share.  Peter Hill, at the age of 89, died leaving a legacy of charitable works throughout his lifetime.

Helen also provided a report recognizing our generous Donors within the community and the many accomplishments of Fare Share.  Some of these accomplishments including; the dedication of  all our Volunteers who provided food to thousands of Neighbours, launching a new food delivery program in Cobourg, establishing a donor management system, developing and implementing an intranet configuration  and significant development/documentation of policy and procedures.

Helen also recognized the contributions of Doug Burton and Terry Knott who have completed their Board terms.

Doug Burton presented a strong financial report for Fare Share.  Our first financial audit was completed, positioning Fare Share to apply now for additional grants.

Key points from the audit report were as follows:

– the audit showed that we are now a medium sized foodbank.

– 2021 assets were 1.036 million.

– 2021 revenue was 1.236 million.

– 2021 revenue over expenses was $123,472.

– Revenue recognition is showing the value of donated food for the first time.

This is a significant addition to the 2021 financials and is the industry practice. In 2021

food is valued by Foodbanks Canada at $2.62/lb. Note that for 2022 this is to be

$3.21/lb so a fairly large increase year over year (22%).

Elections results:

Four candidates were successful in meeting the requirement of majority support from the membership.  The successful candidates were Danielle Keir, Harry Meester, Helen Donovan and Gail Marchand.


Gail Marchand

Fare Share Communications